Dental Implant Procedures Explained

For those that have one or more tooth rather than rely on a bridge or dentures to restore their smile they can now go through a series of procedures for dental implants. Dental implants are the ideal solution for replacing a missing tooth; they give the patient back 100 percent functionality and perfect appearance. A dental implant is prosthesis; it replaces a missing tooth and very importantly, prevents the eventual loss of jaw bone which has a significant effect on the patient’s appearance. It makes no difference if the patient is going to have one dental implant or a number of dental implants in Detroit, MI the procedures are the same.

What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is for all intents and purposes a replacement root upon which sits an artificial tooth. Upon completion the tooth looks and acts as if it were natural, once the implant procedure has been completed it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between the implant and the natural tooth it replaced. Dental implants are very different than either dentures or a bridge; for one thing they never have to be removed. To ensure that the implant procedure is perfect and the results are what the patient expects the dentist goes through a multi-step procedure over a period of what could be six months or more.

The procedures explained:
If a patient looses one or more teeth as a result of decay or an accident the dentist will investigate the site and determine if the patient is a good candidate for dental implants in Detroit, MI or not. The primary factor is the amount of jaw bone there is available to implant the titanium screw which acts as the root. In many cases, even if the dentist determines there is not enough bone a graft can be made, this however adds to the time it takes to complete the procedure.

The first step is to expose the jaw bone and drill a hole in the precise location where the implant will go. The implant is a titanium screw, it is placed into the prepared site and allowed to graft with the bone; this part of the procedure can take six months or more.

Once the insert and bone have fused, an abutment and a temporary crown are placed on top of the screw, this stays for a further couple of months to ensure perfect healing. When the dentist is satisfied that the dental implants in Detroit, MI are perfect, a permanent porcelain crown is installed. From this point forward the dental implant is treated no differently than the rest of the teeth, brushed and flossed daily to avoid any dental complications.  To know more visit DiPilla and Associates.