Dental Veneers: A Popular Form of Cosmetic Dentistry

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It is not uncommon for people to have problems with their teeth that they want to have taken care of so they have beautiful smiles. Teeth that are discolored, stained, worn down, chipped, cracked, uneven oddly shaped, or misaligned can be treated with dental veneers. These are thin shells that are custom-made for each patient. They are made from a material that matches the color of the teeth, and are cemented to the teeth to cover any problems. To apply veneers, the surface of the teeth to be fixed need to be reduced a bit.

Veneers are a popular form of cosmetic dentistry. They enhance the appearance of the teeth, and are usually made from porcelain or resin composite materials. There are a number of issues that can be treated with the use of dental veneers near Glenview. Not only can they cover imperfections in the teeth, they can even close gaps and alter the shape of teeth. This is a popular and much less expensive alternative to braces for many people. Whether one is a good candidate for veneers or not is something that they need to discuss with their dental professional.

Before the application of veneers, the dentist must remove about ½ mm of enamel from the surface of the teeth being repaired. When the tooth has been prepared, impressions will be taken and sent to a dental laboratory. This is where the veneers are actually made, then they are sent back to the dental office. Once everything is right, the tooth will be cleaned, polished, and etched, and the veneer is put on with dental cement. A light is shone onto the cement, which activates it so it bonds to the teeth.

When one has this form of cosmetic dentistry, they can expect the dental veneers near Glenview to last for five to ten years before they need to be replaced. One thing to keep in mind is that the procedure can be costly, with a single tooth veneer sometimes costing upwards of $1,000. To learn more about this and other procedures, contact the professionals at Chicago Beautiful Smiles for a consultation.