Dentistry Should Cover Every Member of Your Family

Family dentistry should cover just that – every member of your family. When a dental practice can start with a young child and make them comfortable, they can have a patient for life. Allaying the fears of going to the dentists at an early age will help the child to develop great oral hygiene habits. However, adults can be nervous of a dentist too. It is important for every member of the family to be comfortable with the dental practice. Dental care in Palm Coast can provide that gentle care that helps the whole family to feel comfortable.

From the youngest member learning how to brush and floss properly to the seniors who may need broken or missing teeth replaced, a great dental office can help every member. Just what should a family look for in a dental practice? Well services should include:

• Cleanings

• Fillings

• Tooth Extractions

• Root Canals

• X-Rays


In addition, some dental care in Palm Coast can also include whitening, porcelain veneers, aligners, and more. Cosmetic dentistry can include Botox, Juvederm, dental implants and more. These options can fix gaps, broken or missing teeth, discolorations and more.

Emergency Situations

One of the most important options a dental practice can offer their patients is after-hours emergency care. Life happens, often after the office is closed. Car accidents, sporting mishaps, even eating nuts or ice can result in a dental emergency like a broken tooth. When this happens you will want your dentist to be available to help you.

Family dentistry should be available when the first teeth emerge all the way through the senior years when it may become necessary to have implants or dentures to replace natural teeth. Trust the staff at Cypress Point Family Dentistry at to take care of your family and their dental needs at any age.