Dents In Your Car? Choosing a Method of Dent Repair Colorado In Springs CO

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If you have been in a minor traffic accident, accidentally bumped into a trash can, or if your car was hit by a stray shopping cart, the resulting dents and dings can be an unsightly nuisance. There may be ways for you to repair small dents yourself, but many times, you will need to take your car to a body shop for Dent Repair Colorado In Springs CO in order to have dents professionally repaired.


If you enjoy DIY projects and the dent on your vehicle is small and located on a flat surface, you may try fixing it yourself. To do this, you will need a hair-dryer, thick rubber gloves, and compressed air. Use the hair dryer to heat the dented area for about 1 minute, until the surface is warm. Do not hold the dryer on for too long, because this can ruin the paint. Once the dent is warmed, insulate it by taping aluminium foil on top of it. Put on the rubber gloves and spray the compressed air on the covered area. Compressed air is very cold, and when applied to the heated area, the rapid temperature change should easily pop the dent out. This method can save time and money, but you do risk damaging the paint and this will not work on large dents.

The Body and Fender Shop specialize in Dent Repair Colorado In Springs CO. Professionals here are trained to handle any type of cosmetic problem with your vehicle, and will be able to repair your dent and refinish any paint that may have been damaged. Body shop technicians will pop the dent out by getting to the rear of the affected panel, or by using special tools to pull the dent out from the outside. After this is done, they will strip the paint in the dented area and apply a body filler to smooth out the panel. A primer will be applied to seal the body filler and prepare it for paint application. Factory paint will be used to finish off the repair and the car will look new once more. Most body shops can repair a dent within a few hours. Costs will vary based on the extensiveness of the dent and your location, but in general the costs are well worth it. Visit the Yahoo listing and read more about the business!