Different Types Of Water Purification Systems

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In many parts of the country there is a need for a water purification system as there are pollutants and contaminates in the supply of drinking water. Water purification in Lincoln, NE removes these impurities and provides safe, potable water. There are a number of ways to go about purifying water.

A very simple and straight forward way is to distill the water. Distillation occurs when the water is brought to a boil, the condensate turns back into water free of contaminates. The resulting water is very pure but as distillation removes the oxygen the water tastes flat to many consumers. Distilling cannot remove any chemicals that have the same boiling point as water, ammonia being a good example; the process is also very slow.

One of the most widely used methods of water purification in Lincoln NE is reverse osmosis. The contaminated water is sent through two different liquids which are kept apart by a permeable film which only allows for the passage of water at the molecular level, this process allows pure water to pass but all the impurities are left behind. This system of water purification does not extract the oxygen as happens during distillation; hence the water does not taste flat. This system is also quite slow and the filters must be changed regularly and they need to be changed by professionals.

Another very popular option is a whole house system which uses a cartridge filter. These systems are usually used in conjunction with a water softener and they are much faster than previously mentioned methods. The filter is simply installed in the incoming water supply.

If the focus is not on whole house water purification there are many systems which attach to a water faucet, they are simply screwed to the faucet and the released water is filtered before it comes out of the faucet. Many of these systems can be switched back and forth and the spray pattern can be changed as well. Cartridges for these systems are easy to change and quite inexpensive.

Water purification in Lincoln, NE can be accomplished at a cost that will suit most budgets. They can be installed so that the whole house is supplied with treated water or fitted to individual taps, providing filtered water only where necessary.

Systems for water purification in Lincoln NE are available from Futuramic’s Clean Water Center. UV sterilization, reverse osmosis systems and custom systems are all readily available. Visit us to know more.