Different Types of Wine Stuff

A true love of wine extends to every aspect of wine, from the bottle, to the glass, to the accoutrements—in other words, the Wine Stuff. Be a true fan of wine by stocking up on different types of wine stuff.

Types of Wine Stuff

* Bottle stoppers: What do you do once you have already opened the bottle and taken the cork out? A bottle stopper is designed to do just that, to preserve the taste and concentration of the wine and to keep air out for as long as you want the bottle to last. They can come in cool designs, everything from chess pieces to couture handbags and high heels to guitars.

* Bottle holders: If you have a wine cooler or a wine cellar, this would obviously be the ideal choice in which to store bottles of wine. But what if you don’t? A bottle holder can be a decorative yet convenient way to support a bottle of wine, whether it’s a sassy red corset bust holder or a Wild West cowboy boot holder or a multi-storage caddy.

* Corkscrew and cutter: The first step to enjoying a bottle of wine is opening it. Too bad the pesky cork is in the way. Though there are many more amateur and less effective ways of taking the cork out of the bottle, the first, classiest, simplest, and most effective choice is always to use a corkscrew.

* Glasses and Decanters: What do you drink wine out of? Wine is too sophisticated a drink to be consumed directly from the bottle (unlike beer). It must be poured into a glass, but not just any glass. Special glasses are designed specifically for wine. They are contoured and manufactured carefully and precisely so as to be ideal for swishing and to bring out the unique flavor of each wine. They can also be decorated in beautiful ways, perhaps with dragons or dolphins snaking around the stem.

* Bags and foldable bottles: Transport your wine with you when you’re on the go.

* Accessories: Show your love of wine with chalkboard wine glass cork cages, photo frame cork cages, wine barrel cork cages, cute doggy dog or kitty cat wine charms.

With a comprehensive collection of Wine Stuff such as these, you and the other wine lovers in your life can create a whole culture of fun and decoration around the beauty that is wine.

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