Dirty Carpets and their Hazards

by | Jan 4, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Our carpets don’t always look dirty but underneath they can be an actual health hazard. Think about their history from the moment the layer completes the job and you close the front door, your carpet starts collecting ‘stuff’, from simple dust particles to stains and ground in dirt. Over time they start to look grubby and gross and they can be a real danger to the health of pets or children, who spend time on the carpet, more so than adults. When your carpet is fresh and new it smells as such, but we don’t always notice it starting to stain or deteriorate until it is very grubby. Our pet bring in fleas and dust and mud from outside, which get ground into the pile of the carpet, no matter how hard we try to keep it clean.

Professional Cleaning Services

Sometimes we rent a rug cleaner or bring in a specialist to clean the carpet which brings it back to a ‘nearly new’ state and leaves it smelling nice and fresh again. Carpet cleaning in Lyden, WA, for instance will offer you a fresh looking carpet, with stain removal and deodorizing, as well as decontamination. The steam cleaning process consists of a cleaning solution that is used to ‘shampoo’ the carpet and get rid of any stain and ground in dirt. The steam cleaner blows and sucks up steam through the pile of the carpet, bringing the dirt back up with it, into the water reservoir. The water is then emptied out, but customers will see the brown colored water and just how much dirt has come out of their carpets.

The process can take up to a few hours to complete, depending on the size of the carpet and how many rooms are being steam cleaned. Drying time is kept to a minimum because the steam cleaner sucks out most of the water during the cleaning process, leaving the bare minimum in the carpet, which dries fairly quickly. It is generally better to clean your carpet during the warmer weather, however, or when the heating is on so that the carpet dries faster and without drawing a mildew smell. Having your carpets professionally cleaned every so often can eliminate hazards to health and prevent a build-up of mites, particles and allergens in your carpets.

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