Disability Lawyers in Kansas City: Helping to Loosen the Purse Strings of the Social Security Administration

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Law

If you call Kansas City home and you currently have a disability that meets the requirements for getting Social Security disability payments, it’s not surprising if you have been turned down for Social Security disability benefits. Even though a person may meet the requirements, their application for benefits, especially if they’re under a particular age is often summarily dismissed and denied. You can try to take up the mantle of challenging this denial on your own, but it’s likely that you’re going to have little if any success. That’s why if you should consider contacting disability lawyers in Kansas City to help you challenge your denial of disability benefits.

One of the great things about a disability lawyer is that they have many options available to them to challenge the denial of your benefits. Many of these are basic administrative requests that asked the Social Security administration to revisit their decision. Often times, this is enough to warrant the approval of your benefits. However, if that is unsuccessful or if they are unwilling to revisit your application for benefits, the attorney can take the matter to an appeals board that can open up the case and determine whether the initial denial of benefits was the proper course of action. If all else fails, your attorney can actually bring a legal suit against the Social Security administration in order to get you the benefits you need.

When it comes to hiring attorney, people want to know about the cost. Fortunately, Social Security attorneys can only charge you money if you win your case. In addition, the maximum amount of money they are allowed to make a $6000. This money will come from retroactive benefits that you may have been entitled to while you were fighting for your disability benefits. An attorney may have service costs but when you consider that people looking for these benefits don’t typically have a great deal of money, most attorneys are very generous in the low costs that they charge their clients while fighting a denial of disability benefits.

If you’re request for benefits has been denied, even if you meet all the qualifications, there’s no reason to panic. You can speak with disability lawyers in Kansas City, discuss your case and get their opinion on how to proceed. If your case requires legal action, these lawyers may be who you want representing you in fighting for disability benefits. Visit the site Grundydisabilitygroup.com to know more.

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