Discussing Legal Actions With A Personal Injury Lawyer in Joliet

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A personal injury lawyer in Joliet comprehends the effects that a debilitating injury may have on your life. He or she understands the hindrance it presents when you are trying to raise a family and can no longer work. For these reasons, a personal injury lawyer will review your case and determine an appropriate legal action that can restore your ability to support yourself and your family financially.

Taking a Chance

You have the option to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for your injuries. There are, however, different legal avenues to navigate to arrive at a resolution. All lawsuits are not the same and some require distinctive procedures to complete the process. By filing a lawsuit you are taking a chance. You have 50% chance of winning in most cases. However, in most cases, you are not required to pay any fees or costs to an attorney, unless he or she wins your case.

Making a Choice

You may consult a personal injury lawyer in Joliet to determine if a lawsuit is the appropriate action for you. During a consultation, your attorney will discuss with you all probable avenues used to settle cases that are similar to your own. He or she will evaluate your case to determine which of these options is most beneficial to you. The final decision is up to you.

Filing a Lawsuit

Once you establish that a lawsuit is the appropriate action for you, your attorney will file a petition with the local court. The opposing party is notified through the court that you are taking legal action to collect damages for your injuries. This individual or business entity is allowed a specific amount of time to respond. Your lawyer will offer the option to negotiate a settlement. The attorney secured by the opposition will respond with an offer.

Accept the Offer or Go to Trial

Your attorney will inform you when an offer is made. You will have the option to accept this offer or to go to trial with your lawsuit. If you believe this offer is fair and just, you may avoid going to trial by accepting the offer. However, if you do not agree with the amount offered, your attorney can proceed to trial and allow the judge to make the final decision. Visit at Shea Law Group for more information.