Divorce Lawyer Suffolk County NY: Dividing Your Property

by | Dec 7, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Splitting up everything you owned as a married couple is a huge part of getting a divorce. This includes things such as your house, your car, and any other expensive valuables that you share. In some cases, you may be able to sit down with your spouse and work out an agreement on who gets what. However, not all marriages end on a positive note and that can make it impossible to agree on what should go to who. If you are about to ensure a divorce that you know is not going to go smoothly you want to hire a Divorce Lawyer Suffolk County NY to help you along the way.

You, your spouse, and your Divorce Lawyer Suffolk County NY can sit down and try to divide up the property on your own if you are on good terms. You should start by listing all of the items that you two own together. Obviously, you would omit items that are personal to one person or clearly belong to one person. Next, you need to place a value on the property. This can include the value of pieces of furniture, the value of your family computer, the value of your bed, and the value of your home. You want to determine the value of everything so you can find a fair way to split the items based on value. You can consult with a law firm such as Law Office of Alan Raymond Barr P.C. about the value of the various posessions you share.


While you want what goes to who to be a fair decision, you also want it to be a logical decision. If one of the parents is going to be the primary caregiver of your children it makes sense that they would get some of the bigger items such as the house and the car. A fair way to do this would be for the spouse keeping the more valuable items to give the other spouse some money. Most of the time your divorce lawyer in Suffolk County NY can help set up a way for you to split the value of bigger items in half and then one spouse pays half of the value to the other spouse so they can own the item. This way the spouse that does not get the item still has some money to get one of their own.

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