Do Penny Lures Really Work?

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If you are like most fishermen, you are always on the lookout for the next best thing when it comes to lures. However, if you are a smart fisherman, you already know about penny lures…and how great, as well as totally inexpensive, they actually are. If you don’t know what a penny lure is, you are about to be filled in on a secret. You can even learn how to make your own penny lures in California, as CA shops have them available.

What Are Penny Lures?

It should be no surprise to anyone that penny lures are actual fishing lures that are made out of pennys. That’s right, those annoying coins that you always end up having a ton of and never spend. You can make all types of lures out of pennies, from spoons to spinners. Fish actually love penny lures in California, CA, they are easy to make on your own and you will literally save hundreds of dollars over time thanks to this type of fishing gear.

Even though the concept of a penny lure is quite simple, the basic ones are two pennies, put together by a simple metal ring with a hook hanging off one of the pennies, it works just as good as an expensive lure. In fact, when put side by side against those $10 and higher lures that promise amazing results, the penny lures did just as well…for, you got it…pennies on the dollar.

Where Can I Get Penny Lures?

At this point, you probably want to get your hands on penny lures. However, they aren’t as easy to find as you may think. Though it is possible that you will find them scattered about in some tackle shops, the best way to get them in your tackle box is to make them yourself with a penny lure making kit. You can buy one of these kits for less than $20 and get everything you need to make your own lures out of the pennies that you don’t spend. You can easily buy these kits online, but make sure if you do, that you are buying them from a trusted company. After all, the fishing tackle industry is notorious for taking the hard earned money out of the pockets of fisherman.

Lure Construction offers penny lures building kits at a great price to make different types of penny lures in California, CA.