Do We Need Every Appliance or Is It Just Greed?

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Appliances

Appliances are the biggest purchases we make next to a home and a car. When we purchase a home we then have the job of filling it with all the appliances we are going to need, including white goods, brown goods and consumer goods. There is a huge difference between white, brown and consumer goods and just as an example, the list looks a little like this: white goods are all the kitchen and laundry appliances such as the washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, cooker, and refrigerator. The ‘brown’ goods are usually things like the coffee maker, the microwave, the food processor, the blender and the sandwich making machine. More or less, you could say that the ‘brown goods’ are the ones that are smaller electronic appliances that can sit on the countertop.

Now, there is a third category, which includes consumer electronics such as laptop computers, desktop computers, MP3 players, blue ray and DVD players, television sets, games consoles and the like. Anything which falls into the entertainment category is classified as consumer electronics and not an ‘appliance’ as such.

Do We Need them All?

Mostly, we like to fill our homes with items that will make our lives easier and less stressful. We like to sit and watch TV in the peace and quiet of our homes, in the temperature controlled environment of our air condition and with the knowledge that later, when we go to bed, we can sleep on clean sheets that were washed in our washing machine and dried in the dryer. We know that our digital alarm clock will wake us up for work in the morning and we will have our shower under the hot water and we will use a towel that has been warmed up on the heated towel rack and we will then put the TV on for the morning news before we leave the house. We might also use our MP3 player while we jog in the park, we will use our tablet laptops to catch up on our favorite shows while we commute on the train, or we might take our laptop to the airport while we wait for a plane. We need them all and we have the choice to buy them all when we can. Visit website for more information.

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