Do You Have Enough Home Insurance?

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Insurance

It is surprising that some homeowners don’t have the right amount of home insurance on their house. It is a huge investment, yet people don’t bother to insure their homes with the correct amount of coverage. When your house is worth a certain amount, you should insure it for that as replacement value but also for the items inside of your house. Take into consideration any remodeling and upgrades that you may have done to the house when you are securing a quote for home insurance in Denver.


Home insurance in Denver should be the first thing you get when you buy a home. You need to have it in place before the movers even start putting items in your house. You need to have it before buying a new bedroom suite or a dining room suite. Most mortgage companies will not even allow you to finish the financing paperwork at closing unless you can prove that you have appropriate amount of insurance for the house. No mortgage company wants to lose money on the house if something should happen to it. You will still owe the money on the house and sometimes you may not be able to buy another house until that first obligation is settled.


Each year, you need to reassess your home insurance Denver. Most homeowners will add value to their property and won’t realize how much this can affect their insurance premiums. By increasing the value of the house, homeowners are making it worth more to replace or fix. If you forget to increase the home insurance on your house and you’ve recently installed new appliances, these will not be included in your old policy. Why wouldn’t’ you want these covered in a disaster? You paid for them and they should be part of your policy so that if you have a disaster occur, you are able to recover from it without losing too much of your own personal money. You spent the money once, why spend it twice? Make sure you include any and all new purchases to see if you should increase your insurance coverage amount. You may be surprised to learn that your coverage should increase but your premiums will only go up by a small amount. Why not pay that each month for the peace of mind that you can recover after a disaster?


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