Do You Have Some Surplus Toner In Brooklyn NY?

by | Dec 18, 2013 | Computer & Internet

Office or home printing; there are so many devices these days that we use, almost without thinking, to print out hardcopies of our computer files; to photocopy an existing piece of paper; or to receive an incoming fax in hard copy. As if by magic, we push (or click on) a start button and nicely printed paper appears in the device’s out tray.

But, It Comes At A Cost

First, there is the cost of the device itself which, these days can be remarkably good value for money. Then, there is the cost of the copying or printing paper which, again, is not unreasonable. Ignoring any maintenance or replacement costs, the last cost factor is the seemingly endless amount of ink or toner that has to be purchased to keep the device “alive” and printing. Without going into the differing technologies, some of these devices print with liquid inks while others print by fusing a special powder – called toner –onto the paper.

Have you ever had the thought when seeing the cost of a new ink or toner cartridge that you could almost buy a new device (complete with a new cartridge) for not all that much more than the asking price for the replacement cartridge on its own? But, if you need to continue producing copies, you have no choice but to grin and bear it.

Bulk Buying Can Lower The Unit Cost

A wise manager in Brooklyn will have instructed his procurement people to shop around and get the best price for all office supplies; including the company’s need for Toner In Brooklyn NY. By standardizing on copier brand, you can reduce the number of different toner cartridges required and increase the number per order and, possibly negotiate a lower unit price from the supplier. Additionally, you can survey the usage rate and, maybe, do a little stock piling of your own to put you into a higher discount level; this will also result in your never being unexpectedly out of stock just as you have a lot of copying to do.

What If You Get Stuck With A Surplus Of Stock?

For example, you have large stocks of surplus toner in Brooklyn NY which can only be used in brand “X” machines and, for some reason, you replace all the machines with brand “Y” which cannot use the cartridges you have in stock. Or, worse still, you have to close down your business.

What do you do with all those cartridges of Toner In Brooklyn that you have stocked? Fortunately, some of the suppliers of bulk Toner In Brooklyn NY are often prepared to buy any surplus toner cartridges that are available.

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