Recycling Vs. Landfill – What To Put In Your Dumpster?

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If you’ve been thinking about remodeling, undertaking that huge clear out or just getting rid of your yard waste, renting a dumpster could be the answer. But at a time when everyone is being encouraged to think about recycling – something that is as true for both businesses as well as individuals, the question is “What exactly can you recycle and what needs to go in the dumpster?”

Naturally you will need to talk to the company that you use to hire your dumpster as each company will have its own policies but generally they all follow the same principles:

Hazardous waste is not allowed

Hazardous waste includes any poisons, anything toxic or flammable or combustible and anything marked ‘caution’. There are several examples of such products such as paint, pesticides, antifreeze or household chemicals but precise lists can be found on the company website that you use to hire your dumpster or that of your local authority. For example, for dumpster rentals Portland OR, you can look it up at

You may be charged extra if:

You may be charged extra if you are looking to get rid of major appliances, computers/monitors/tires and car batteries (basically anything that the company you use will be charged extra by the City to dispose of under environmental & pollution regulations).

You may be charged less if:

There may be an opportunity to save money if you are getting rid of anything that costs the company less or can be recycled easily, e.g. some yard debris, wood and items that are completely clean, e.g. weeds, leaves, vines, plant clippings, very small branches and house plants. Some companies will encourage you to rent an additional container for recyclable materials and will offer a discount if you have clean and separated recyclables.

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