Do you need a drunk driving attorney?

From a courts point of view, a charge of drunk driving is no different than any other crime and the accused has every right to DUI attorneys in Charleston. The question, however, is this; will a drunk driving attorney help your case or will the attorney be nothing more than another expense.

This may be your first offense, perhaps this the first time you have ever been in trouble with the law for any reason. The process you are going to face will be expensive, regardless of whether you have an attorney or not. The decision that has to be made once you have been arrested and charged is; can you afford to add more to the expenses?

There is no doubt that the charges you are facing are serious, DUI, or driving under the influence is something that can have a long term effect on your life prospects, including your job and social life. DUI attorneys in Charleston will always say that they “may” help; they cannot say they will help because perhaps they can’t.

The laws have changed:

Some years ago, hiring a drunk driving attorney may very well have at least had the charge reduced to something like reckless driving. With a lesser charge, the judge would declare a financial penalty, you paid it and that was the end of it. Those days are long gone now that every state has passed “drunk driving per se” laws. Per se is the Latin term for “by itself.” This law mandates that any driver apprehended while intoxicated will be adjudicated.

The “per se” law states that if the BAC, blood-alcohol content of the accused is 0.08 or higher as measured by blood or breath tests, then you are in fact, driving while drunk. It does not matter whether you appeared sober or stone-drunk, all the court needs as evidence of your condition is the BAC report.

What DUI attorneys in Charleston can do:

If, for some reason you failed the sobriety test, and you swear you had not had a drink, then you need to hire a DUI attorney. Even under these circumstances where you swear you never touched a drop, you will need one; do not even think about self-representation.

Other than for this set of circumstances, all DUI attorneys in Charleston can do is prepare you for the eventualities and make you understand the procedures. There are certain procedures that have to be followed and the attorney can help.

The attorney may be able to help you get SR-22 automobile insurance and complete the applications to the officials at DMV, he may also help in seeing to it that you enter and complete treatment and education programs which the state will demand before you are given your driving license back.

If you feel that you were improperly charged, then hiring DUI attorneys in Charleston is a must. Under these circumstances, you are invited to contact The Wagner Law Firm for your DUI defense.