Do You Need Long Term Disability Insurance in San Francisco, CA?

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While plenty of people do consider the fact that they might be disabled for a short time at some point in the future, long term Disability Insurance in San Francisco, CA is something that many just don’t ever really think about. Perhaps people just don’t want to even entertain the possibility that they could actually be hurt badly enough to need to miss work for a long time, or even to be unable to work permanently, but it is something that everyone should consider and get protection for.

long term disability insurance is actually not an expensive type of coverage in most cases. Many people find it surprising that adding this type of coverage to an existing policy will cause only a small raise in rates in most cases. Long term disability insurance is a less expensive type of coverage because it is not one of the most often used types of coverage and is used only under very specific circumstances. The purpose of long term disability is to take over payments to the injured person once the short term disability has run out. In most cases, your short term disability insurance will only last for around anywhere from nine weeks to a year. If you have an injury that will require you to miss more time from work than the short term disability will compensate you for, you will need to have that long term insurance so that you can continue to have some type of income.

In many cases, long term insurance will compensate you for a portion of your salary for as long as several years. Policy terms do differ widely, but you can talk to your agent about getting the fullest possible coverage if a long term disability is a particular concern of yours. Then please visit Patrick J Kelly Law Office as they have team of experienced attorneys that stand by your side till the end of the process.