Does Your Jeep JL Need a Little More Clearance When Driving Off-Road?

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Jeep JL lift kits are a must for anyone who takes their Jeep offroad through mud, streams, big rocks, and deep ruts. While 3-inches of lift doesn’t seem like a lot, offroaders know that it can make all the difference.

The right Jeep JL lift kit will not only get you across the roughest terrain but can also improve your ride. By increasing the length and decreasing the angle of the arms, impacts are better absorbed by the suspension. This not only reduces the wear and tear on your vehicle but also on your body due to a bumpy ride.

A lifted Jeep can get you safely into the backcountry and more importantly, get you back out again. Whether you are rock crawling or simply going camping, you’ll appreciate the extra three inches of clearance. Your chances of being stranded due to the terrain are significantly reduced.

If you are rock crawling, another thing to consider is armoring the underside of your Jeep. When cresting over a steep grade or a rock, the underside of your vehicle could scrape and become damaged. Along with premium Jeep JL lift kits, an under armor kit will protect your Jeep on your off-road adventures. Tearing up an axle or your differential could leave you stuck too.

Jeeps are often considered to be the ultimate off-road vehicle, and lifting them for more clearance makes it even better. If you haven’t installed a lift kit, larger tires and under armor on your Jeep JL, now is the time.