Does Your Smile Need Teeth Whitening in Phoenix AZ?

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A beautiful smile is one that is healthy and bright. If your teeth are yellowed and discolored, your smile will not look as good as it could. Unfortunately, the aging process is not kind to anyone and causes yellowing in your teeth. This yellowing can become even more pronounced when you have stains caused by smoking, drinking wines and cola and because of health concerns. Though you could try to remove these stains through at-home whitening kits, most people find these treatments are ineffective. They can also cause permanent damage to your teeth. To make sure your smile gets whitened safely and effectively, you need to seek Teeth Whitening in Phoenix AZ through your dentist.

Why should you choose teeth whitening treatments through your dentist? At-home whitening treatments may offer an inexpensive option, but they can be damaging to your tooth health. If you read the ingredients of these whitening kits, they almost always contain silica. Silica is like sand and it can permanently scratch your teeth and cause massive damage to your enamel. Once your enamel has been compromised, there is no way to treat it. When people use these treatments, they often experience increased sensitivity and even pain. This can be ongoing and difficult to treat. To avoid these issues, it is best to stick with the treatments your dentist offers for Teeth Whitening in Phoenix AZ.

Teeth Whitening in Phoenix AZ can be carried out by your dentist in a much safer manner. These solutions are stronger than what is offered through at-home kits, so the solution does not need to sit on your teeth as long. Your dentist can offer you both traditional whitening treatments and bleaching treatments, depending on your needs and desired level of whiteness. These solutions do not contain ingredients that cause damage, so you will not have to worry about sensitivity issues.

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