Don’t Get Backed Up — Call a Septic Company in Olympia WA

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The last thing you would ever wish to occur in your home is to see the day when the septic tank system backs up into your home, pushing raw sewage upwards (when it generally travels down) into your shower drains, sinks, toilets, etc. To understand why it is necessary to regularly call to septic company in Olympia WA.

To begin, all of the different drains in the home … the kitchen sink, toilets, washing machine, showers, bathroom lavatories … converge into one single pipe that goes to the septic tank, which is buried in the ground outside of the home. Once all of the home’s waste water reaches the septic tank, it starts to separate into different layers. The sediment, or “sludge” (heavier material) sinks to the bottom. In the middle is what is commonly referred to as “gray water” and the top holds the floating layers of oils, proteins and fats, called “scum.” Bacteria in the tank helps to break down its content into smaller and smaller particles, but eventually the sludge and scum must be removed physically as only the gray water is dissipated through the leach, or drain field of rock and porous material in the yard.

It is advised that people with septic tanks have them inspected annually to see if they need pumping. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) homeowners should have their septic tanks pumped every one to three years.

Unless the septic tank is pumped out on a regular basis, it will overflow. There are two places the sewage goes when the tank can hold no more: one is through every available attached outlet to your home (drains, toilets, etc.) and the other is the drain field in your yard. The former is the homeowner’s worst nightmare and the latter is the worst from an environmentalist’s point of view, for the raw sewage is full of harmful bacteria that can cause and spread disease. It can flow from a flooded drain field into nearby streams, lakes and rivers, where it spreads and becomes a public health threat.

Don’t take these chances! Have your system inspected annually, and have it pumped as needed … for everyone’s health!

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