Don’t Just Let It Settle! Leveling is an Option in Oahu

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Concrete has always been a fantastic choice as a building material. It is durable, moisture resistant, and requires less maintenance over time. However, there is a possibility that concrete can settle. Leveling is a cost-effective treatment for settled concrete. Concrete leveling is the process of correcting uneven surfaces through filling the soil that the concrete sits on. There are many different ways to approach this. Be sure to contact us for information on how we do our concrete leveling in Oahu, HI.

The two most popular ways that concrete leveling can be accomplished is through slab jacking, stone slurry grout leveling. Each of these methods has their usefulness. Slab jacking is the process of drilling holes in the existing concrete. Then, through the use of hydraulic pressure and a mixture of soil, limestone, and cement, the subsequent void is filled. The slab is lifted back to its original position, the holes are patched, and the work is done in just a few hours. The stone slurry method is essentially the same idea, except the mixture is closer to the consistency of thinned mud. The process is also done at a slower rate, allowing for more precision in the lift of the slab.

Island Ready-Mix Concrete are seasoned professionals at concrete leveling in Oahu, HI. We assess the damage and correct it with precision and care. Your project matters to us, and that’s why our motto is that we’re “Kapolei’s finest concrete team!”

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