Don’t Wait to Talk to a DUI Lawyer in Mount Vernon, WA After an Arrest

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

DUI laws are harsh, and are written with the intent to wring punishment out of you after you’ve been pulled over for one. If the police officer feels you are sufficiently impaired, he arrests you and takes you back to the station for processing. This is only the beginning of what is essentially a nightmare as your license is now at risk of being suspended. If you are in a situation where you can’t be without a drivers license, you need to talk to a DUI lawyer in Mount Vernon, WA, quickly.

A clock starts ticking the moment you leave the police station. The arresting officer is required to send your license to the state for the administrative suspension. You may have two weeks, at most, to keep driving until your court date. But, that is only if you or a representative doesn’t show at the hearing. A DUI lawyer in Mount Vernon, WA, can go before the board at the hearing and make a case that your license should not be suspended at this time. A successful outcome means you can keep driving until your court date.
5467214_l A DUI is a criminal offense, but you still have all of your rights afforded to you by the Constitution. This means that you are innocent until proven guilty, no matter what the evidence the state has against you. Just about any evidence can be challenged in court with a DUI defense. What type of defense is used depends on the evidence that the state will present to the court.

The lawyer can challenge the officer’s testimony, challenge the reading on the breathalyzer, or even claim that acid reflux created a high blood alcohol reading. It may sound strange, but if you have gastrointestinal reflux disease, you can use it as a DUI defense. The reason being is that the acid in your stomach can refract back up your throat and concentrate the alcohol on your breath. As a result, your reading can be much higher than it really was.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, don’t wait to act. Talk to a lawyer at the Howson Law Office to discuss your options for your particular situation.

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