Things to Consider When Looking at Replacement Windows in Baltimore, MD

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When choosing replacement windows in Baltimore, MD, there are more things to consider than how they will look. Here are some of the other important things that should go into your choice of which windows to choose:


This is one of the most important things to think about when getting new windows. The old single-pane style was barely functional when compared to those made today. Now, double- and triple-paned windows are standard. This is because they provide excellent insulation values that keep the outside temperatures from leaking into the house and raising your heating and air conditioning bills. These highly-efficient windows are also well-sealed, so you won’t feel the drafts that old windows let in.

Sealed panes of glass aren’t the only sources of today’s window efficiency. Anti-UV coatings also help keep replacement windows in Baltimore, MD from being unwanted sources of summer heat. These coatings are usually invisible, but visible tints are also available.


One of the reasons that vinyl windows have become particularly popular is because they are durable and maintenance-free. Wood eventually rots even with the best of care, so a wood-framed window is sure to need replacement at some point. It can also be eaten by termites or serve as harborage for other insects. Vinyl, on the other hand, neither rots nor harbors insects.

Metal window frames are rarely used in replacement windows in Baltimore nowadays, but they share vinyl’s longevity and immunity to insects. The main catch with metal frames is that they have to be painted or otherwise coated if a designer color is desired. Otherwise, they are a plain silverish color that isn’t too nice to look at. Still, they do have uses in residential locations. Big picture windows often look best when their frames are almost invisible, and this is only possible with the strength of metal. Such strength makes it possible to hold giant panes of glass in very thin frames. A dark coating allows such frames to blend in well enough to be very unobtrusive.


It may not be the only thing to pay attention to, but it is important. Window frames should be chosen so they enhance your home rather than serve as obtrusive detractions. Fortunately, it’s possible to get modern windows in pretty much any style and color you desire. Check out Master Seal online to see a good selection of possibilities.