See a Dentist in Port Orange FL to Realize an Appealing Smile that is Healthy

Seeing a Dentist in Port Orange FL should be a part of every person’s regular routine to maintain enhanced health and well-being. The body’s physiology is complex. This includes the teeth, gums, and areas surrounding the mouth. A dentist will thoroughly look at a person’s mouth to check for signs of dental disorders and dental diseases. He will also inspect an individual’s oral cavity and surrounding areas for signs indicative of dental problems developing. After an examination, a dentist can formulate a plan with the cooperation of his patient to restore health to a patient’s smile.

The initial examination with a new dentist at Beville Dental Care is often the most detailed. This visit usually starts with the patient talking to the dentist about the patient’s overall health and any medical conditions she has. A patient should tell a Dentist in Port Orange FL any medications she is taking and the reasons for taking them. Also, a patient should tell a dentist about any fears she has regarding dental treatments.

A comprehensive examination by a dentist includes closely inspecting the head and neck areas as well as the soft tissues of the mouth. He will also perform a periodontal examination by looking at the gums to check for gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. During this inspection, the dentist may use a special tool called a periodontal probe to measure the depth of the pockets between the teeth and gums. By looking at the soft tissues of the mouth to assess for unusual swelling, odors, or discoloration, a dentist can learn about any soft tissues problems a patient has.

When a dentist is inspecting the head and neck area, he will carefully view the salivary glands and lymph nodes on the neck. He will also test the temporomandibular joint to see if it’s working correctly. To do this, the dentist will ask the patient to open his mouth all the way and move his lower jaw from side to side. Any clicking sounds or pain may indicate the jaw joint is in need of treatment. By conducting a full evaluation, a dentist can help a patient realize his goal of having an appealing smile that is healthy.