Boating DUI and the Defense Attorney in Battiesburg, MS

Many boaters in the Hattiesburg area feel that it is OK to be drinking and operating a boat at the same time. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Boating while intoxicated is just as bad as operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. There have been many instances where accidents have occurred. Those who have been arrested and charged with boating under the influence (BUI) need to contact a defense attorney in Hattiesburg, MS as soon as possible. The punishment for boating under the influence can be just as severe as a DUI on the road. That is why most with boating under the influence charges should hire legal counsel as soon as possible.

Those who have been involved in an an accident while boating under the influence may end up with significant jail time and additional punishment. Because of the risk of being incarcerated, it is especially important for these boaters to hire a defence attorney. If there is a civil case connected with the accident, a boat accident lawyer may be needed if the lawsuit amount is far higher than the maximum for the liability insurance.

There are a wide variety of defences available for those accused of BUI. For example, many boaters are accused of simple violations such as speeding or improper turns without being drunk. A mistake on the water does not necessarily mean that the boater is drunk. The law enforcement officer will note the boater’s behavior. For example, inability to walk straight and a red face may be signs of being drunk. However, a good defence attorney in Hattiesburg, MS will point out that it is hard to walk straight after being on a boat for a few hours. Spending some time under the sun would be sufficient to cause a face to be red without the consumption of alcohol. There are a myriad of defences available that can be used to weaken the case. Ultimately, the boater accused of BUI will have to decide to either take a plea bargaining agreement that will result in less punishment or go to a jury trial. Visit website