Double the Fun with a Double Kayak

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Kayaking is a great way to stay active, enjoy the great outdoors, and relax on the weekends or during a vacation. However, storing and transporting multiple kayaks can be difficult and cumbersome. If you enjoy kayaking with friends or family, you might consider investing in a tandem kayak – and having someone at your side on the water every time!

What are Tandem Kayaks?

Also called twin or double kayaks, tandem kayaks offer two seats comfortably situated in a single vessel. They offer a great way for you to spend time with those you love while enjoying your favorite activity – truly the best of both worlds!

Don’t have someone with you who wants to get in the water? You can still enjoy using your kayak. Use the extra seat for storage, such as fishing or swimming gear. Who couldn’t use a little extra storage space, especially when you plan on spending the day on the water?

Types of Double Kayaks

As many types of standard kayaks as are available, there are nearly as many models of twin or double kayaks. These crafts are typically modeled on standard boats with extra seats added, but they may also offer additional storage space.

One popular model is the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island kayak. This vessel makes it easy to take to the water, zip through the waves, and keep pace with whatever fish you are seeking. It combines all of the things you adore about the Hobie brand with plenty of space for whoever or whatever you want to bring aboard!

Where to Buy Twin Kayaks

Typically, you can buy your tandem kayak wherever you regularly find kayaks and accessories for sale. Some smaller retailers may have to special order these crafts, but you can usually find double kayaks in Laguna Beach wherever you usually shop.

Not sure if your usual kayak retailer offers the kind of crafts and accessories you are interested in? Give them a call and ask specifically for a tandem kayak. You’ll love the way you – and your friends – look in your gorgeous, practical new boat!