Drive With Confidence With Auto Insurance In Bethlehem, PA

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Auto insurance in Bethlehem, PA is a necessity if you live in the area and need to drive for work or personal reasons. The choices in coverage and companies can be bewildering for many people. Much of the confusion stems from how much insurance to purchase and why one needs to be insured for one thing or another. Auto insurance in Bethlehem, PA can be simplified when you work with an insurance agent that knows the details through and through. Pennsylvania residents find the customer service they receive at Krisko Insurance to be a great determining factor in why they trust them so much.


It is always easy to get a free quote from their website or over the phone from a member of their dedicated staff. Being certain that all the drivers in your family are covered with the right insurance can be the peace of mind you need before you hit the road. Ironically, most people never realize how effective their car insurance is until they get into an accident. Understanding and deciding on your deductibles before an incidence occurs can be life-saving.

Working with an experienced insurance agent can also save you money. Krisko Insurance team members are aware of discounts that you may not have heard of but might be eligible for. These include professional, alumni and union discounts. There are also special rates for those with good driving records and cars with low yearly mileage. You may also be able to have a “vanishing deductible” and receive discounts for multiple cars in your family. In addition to your having your car insured, you would be wise to take a look at other forms of insurance that can organize your life. These include home and renters insurance to cover your residence, and insurance for any place of business you might own. Most importantly, do not forget to speak to your insurance agent about health and life insurance to cover yourself. With their skilled assistance, all of your insurance needs can be met.