Drug Testing North Bend OR: The History of Drug Testing

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Most people are surprise to learn that drug testing is a pretty big business. There are at least 15 different US corporations that fund and supply laboratory testing. Employers use Drug testing North Bend OR as a way to screen their potential employees and parents use it to keep tabs on their children. Drug testing in North Bend OR is also used to determine how accidents were caused in some cases.

Drug testing has been becoming more and more popular since the middle of the 1980’s. Thanks to the strict safety requirements in the work environment and the fact that a lot of employees handle heavy equipment or sensitive information, employers need to be certain that their employees are not abusing drugs. Drug testing only requires a sample of a person’s blood, hair, urine, or salvia. Most drug testing laboratories can get a result back within 48 hours.

If you happen to be a temporary employee getting jobs through an agency such as Atlas Edge Staffing Services it is important to know that one of the many things they do in order to help you find a job is screen you for drugs. This is because the purpose of a staffing agency is to find employees for employers. They take all of the work out of finding the employees. They will test your skills, run a background check, check your references, and screen you for drugs. Their job is to make sure you are a good fit for certain employers.

There are some people who feel that drug testing violates an individual’s right to privacy. These are individuals who claim that being a recreational drug user does not necessarily mean it affects their ability to work. They claim the line should be drawn at individuals who are on the drugs while they are working. Drug testing is actually a fairly heavily debated and controversial topic. A lot of states very loosely enforce all of the drug testing laws in the workforce. However, some people still say that it only takes one random drug test to completely ruin a person’s life who really was not doing anything that wrong. The belief is that if they are doing drugs on their own time inside of their own home who are they hurting other than themselves?