Duck Hunting Services in Arkansas

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Hunting

A mural in an ancient pyramid tomb depicting duck hunting was found in Egypt. Waterfowl have been hunted throughout history.

In North America modern duck hunting is alive and well. The hunting seasons are set by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and usually go from early fall to early winter. A variety of ducks are hunted but some of the most common are mallards, redheads and pintails.

The paths that ducks follow every fall as they migrate south in search of warmer climates and food are known as flyways. There are four large flyways in the United States which the migratory ducks follow every year, they are the Pacific, Central, Mississippi and Atlantic Flyways.

Duck Hunting Services Arkansas is located in the Mississippi Flyway. During most winters, Arkansas is the home of more Mallard ducks that any other state in North America.

Some hunters hold their traditions with an almost reverence and aren’t keen to share their secrets or invite along someone that is just beginning. For this reason, Duck Hunting Services Arkansas is a great first step for any novice looking to become a duck hunter.

Even with a guide a new duck hunter is going to need some gear. Here is a list of the basic equipment necessary:

License – All hunters will need a hunting license and duck stamp specific to the state that they are hunting in.

Waders –A pair of good quality waders are better than any rain gear and will keep a hunter warm and dry while out hunting.

– A new hunter won’t need many decoys, about 10-12 should work (the collection can always be added to later). It’s the location that matters, if you’re in a place ducks want to be, then just a few decoys will suffice.

Guns and ammunition – A 12-guage shotgun is the standard for duck hunting. If a hunter is patient and waits for his prey to get about 35 yards or less then any high-power shell will do the job. Note: Only steel shot shells, lead is not allowed.

Camouflage – Ducks have keen eyesight making the need for good camouflage and a face mask mandatory.

Duck Calls – Calls are used to bring the ducks into shooting range. Ducks are smart, so the calls should be used sparingly and also practiced at home before the hunter tries it in the wild.


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