DUI Cases: Why You Need a Lawyer

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You were stopped for a DUI and now you feel guilty. You understand the risk you took and the danger you were to others on the road. Maybe it was the first time it has ever happened or maybe you feel you were not even as intoxicated as they say. Perhaps you were only tired or on a prescription medication which you did not realize would cause you to react the way you did.

It can be natural for many to just accept their punishment at this point and move on. Some may feel the punishment will not be that bad because they are genuinely remorseful. Unfortunately these people are often disappointed in the end because of all of the misery this charge has caused.

A large fine, loss of driver’s license and much higher insurance rates are almost guaranteed. You may lose your job or be turned down for a job later on because of the DUI charge on your driving record. There is the possibility of jail time or probation. You may be required to take a safe driving course or perform community service which could interfere with your work or school schedule or cause you to need to hire a babysitter.

All of this adds up quickly and it can be something you will deal with for months or years. If you want to avoid all of this, you need a DUI Lawyer in Mahopac NY. It is important to hire someone with experience in DUI cases because they will understand all of the special circumstances surrounding these types of charges.

The assistance from this type of legal representation will often pay for itself. No matter what the details are regarding your DUI charge, contact a DUI Lawyer in Mahopac NY. You may be surprised at what they can accomplish for you.

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