DUI Lawyer in Berkeley Springs, WV Offers Tips For Your Benefit

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When you are driving in the state of West Virginia and you get stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, you’d better make yourself aware very quickly of what the laws are concerning DUI’s in the state. You will want to call a DUI Lawyer in Berkeley Springs, WV who can make you abreast of what you need to know and also offer representation if needed. DUI is a very serious matter in all states and you are not exempt in West Virginia. The Wagner Law Firm, a legal team who offers West Virginia DUI defense offers some information that will be of importance to you.

In West Virginia, you could go to jail on a first offense for DUI, have to pay astronomical fines, lose your drivers’ license and/or attend alcohol education classes. A DUI arrest will most likely result in two cases, one of which you will be tried in criminal court and the other before the West Virginia DMV. West Virginia imposes harsh penalties for DUI’s and the maximum sentence for even a first time offense is six months jail and a $500 fine. Your second DUI offense gets harsher and you could get as much as year in jail and up to $3000 in fines. Of course, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out what happens as your offenses continue to become habitual. West Virginia also has what is called the “implied consent law” which states that failure to submit to a request blood alcohol content test after your DUI arrest by a law officer is an automatic request to revoke your licenses. This means a loss of driving privileges in the state of West Virginia forever!

A DUI Lawyer in Berkeley Springs, WV can help you stop these things from happening. The Wagner Law Firm, which is a DUI Lawyer in Berkeley Springs, WV will fight to help you save your driving privileges, avoid jail and minimize your fines. They will consult with you to make you aware of all your options when you are facing the punitive outcome of a DUI. Do not place your driving and possible incarceration future in the hands of the court system. You can call The Wagner Law Firm, a bonafide DUI Lawyer in Berkeley Springs WV and be on your way to getting the help you need in fighting your DUI charges. Visit their website for more information.