Dunedin and its Climate

Dunedin in Florida get its name originally from the Gaelic language-Scottish for Edinburgh, the Capital of Scotland-and is spelled ‘Dun Eideann’ in its Gaelic form. Currently Dunedin has a population of about thirty-seven thousand and is home to quite a few beaches, including the Honeymoon Island, the Dunedin Causeway and the Caladesi Island State Park, consistently listed as one of the best beaches around the world. Dunedin is also a ‘waterfront community’ between Sarasota and Cedar Key, and is not far from Clearwater Beach.

Dunedin was once the hone of the Nielsen Media Research head office until 2005 and also boasts the Florida’s longest running microbrewery-the Dunedin Brewery. It is also the oldest town lying south of Cedar Key and has a dock that was built large enough to accommodate bigger shipping vessels, helping it become one of the State’s chief seaports. In 1899 Dunedin was incorporated as a town, shortly after its initial establishment by J Douglas and J Sumerville-both from Scotland. They had established and named Dunedin after their beloved hometown, Edinburgh and used the Gaelic form as a tribute. Until about 1913 there were still only around three hundred and fifty inhabitants of the town and when it was incorporated as a City in 1925 it had only grown by a few hundred.

Climate and Weather conditions

Florida is known for its hurricanes that touch land a few times each year, as well as the hot and humid weather associated with the tropical area. Because of this air conditioning in Dunedin is as common as roofs on houses-everyone has one. Taking care of the system in your home is important to make sure that is continues to serve your environment as effectively as you are used to. Having your air conditioning system serviced at least once each year-better to do it twice-is vital and having the right professional that you can trust to do a good job is just as important. If you are unfamiliar with a local company your first option is to ask a friend, family member or neighbor if they can make a recommendation. If they do not know anyone you can ask a work colleague or check the local listings.

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