Earn Big with Wholesale T Shirt Printing

by | Nov 28, 2012 | Shopping

There are a million and one ways to make money from home. For people who are good at art, wholesale t shirt printing promises a small fortune. People love quirky, catchy designs that not only help them express themselves but are somewhat unique. This is why small scale shirt designing can be a thriving business.

Copyright Issues

Unfortunately, there are certain things you cannot legally print for sale or for use with your organization. Copyrighted images often feature other people or certain famous places, as well as works created by others. Unless you have permission to print these images, you can be fined and your merchandise can be confiscated.

You can remedy this situation by creating your own images or by seeking permission – in writing – for use of the images. If you intend to sell your shirts, the copyright holder will probably ask for monetary compensation. Regardless of whether printing the image on t shirts was your idea, the original creator does deserve a share of your profits if you are profiting off his or her work.

Where to Sell Shirts

Before you invest in wholesale t shirt printing, you should have some idea of where you will sell your items. It is possible, but not easy, to sell them through your own personal website. Most online shop owners find it difficult to drum up enough business to keep themselves going. However, that is one possibility.

Another popular method for sales is the fair circuit. State and county fairs, regional festivals, holiday shows and hillbilly sales are all venues where you can sell your t shirts. It’s important to have your merchandise priced accordingly and offer some kind of related draw. Halloween-themed shirts are good for hillbilly sales scheduled in September and October, for instance, or you may want to specialize with products like making shirts for new dads and moms.

Getting into wholesale t shirt printing can be a gamble, but for people with artistic sense and a creative touch, it can be a profitable home business. Know what kinds of images you can create. Have an idea of where you’re going to sell merchandise. Put together a strong business plan and get going!

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