Enjoy The Classic Flavors of King Edward Imperial Cigars

A common misperception of many smokers is that a great tasting and smoking cigar has to be an expensive cigar. In fact, some of the most popular cigars around the world for regular cigar smokers or occasional smokers are the iconic and classic brands.

A great example of a lower cost, great tasting option are the King Edward Imperial cigars. These cigars are named after King Edward the VII, who is often best remembered for his quote in court, “Gentlemen, you may smoke.” This was said after he overturned the ban on smoking in the court imposed by his mother, Queen Victoria.

The Cigars

King Edward Imperial cigars are made in Jacksonville, Florida, which is an area that has traditionally been a large producer of cigars and tobacco products in the United States. These are machine-rolled cigars with a high rating for even burning and overall uniform construction of the body of the cigar.

The company focuses on using 100% natural fillers in tobacco blend that provide a consistent, quality smoke that is enjoyable and offers a solid draw. The flavor is often described as smooth and rewarding, with different options from a slightly sweet flavor to a smokier, toasted flavor that is perfect for an anytime cigar. As a smaller cigar, they can be enjoyed in a shorter period of time, which is a great option to consider.

For first time cigar smokers, the King Edward Imperial cigars are often considered a top choice. They are mellow and mild and do not have the bitter aftertaste found with some of the imported cigars. They also provide a very subtle body in the smoke that is pleasant and consistent, meaning you always know just what you experience with this particular cigar brand.