Envision Works With Hawiian Telecom in Honolulu To Provide State-of-the-Art Communications

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Finding the right communications system is essential to helping you stay connected to your company’s managers as well as to your customers. If your phone system is out of date, your customers will become frustrated when they can’t reach you in a timely manner and your employees will miss important information that affects how they do their jobs. You need to make sure that your phone system uses the most advanced technology possible. If you’re a part of Hawaiian Telecom in Honolulu, Envision Networked Solutions can help you set up the ideal system for your business and your bottom line.

Voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) PBX systems are the preferred method of communication among a majority of businesses today that want to save money and take steps to make upgrading the system much more simple and cost-effective. Companies that choose to use a VOIP PBX system are frequently able to completely eliminate landlines. VOIP systems aren’t regulated as telephone lines are, so taxes and usage fees aren’t an issue. Cost savings can be passed on to your customers. VOIP PBX systems also make it much easier to stay connected with employees who may be temporarily or permanently assigned to a remote location. An employee is always as close as his Internet connection; whenever he’s logged in to the VOIP PBX he can be reached on any phone, no matter where he is.

Call center or contact center telecommunication is just as important to your company’s bottom line as employee productivity is. Envision can help you set up a call center or contact center to handle customer sales and troubleshooting or in-house technology support. The center can support voice, email and web chat features that make it easy for you to handle requests and complaints from customers and employees. Envision uses database programmers, call center specialists, systems integration experts and other dedicated employees to develop the call center technology your company needs.

After Business has worked with you to provide the telecommunications products you need, the company remains invested in providing service and training. You won’t be responsible for training new employees to use the telecommunications system; Envision will handle that for you. When maintenance becomes necessary or problems arise, you can call on Envision at any time. Connect to the rest of the world through Hawaiian Telecom in Honolulu with the help of Envision technology and resources.