Essential Information About DMV Violations in Red Bluff, CA

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Infractions almost every person commits during their lifetime are traffic violations, which in some states are considered as a criminal offense depending on the severity of the offense. Oftentimes, people disregard traffic rules and regulations, thinking it is just a minor offense. They think the worst that can happen to them is revocation of their driver’s license or a monetary fine. Although most traffic violations are unintended, violators are still required to face the legal charges and settle their offenses as stated by the law. Depending on the charges, DMV Violations in Red Bluff, CA, can either be punished by license suspension, imposing a monetary fine or imprisonment.

DMV Violations in Red Bluff, CA are classified into categories that include the moving and non-moving violations. Moving violations are major traffic violations and have a heavier penalty. They include:

* Speeding

* Reckless driving

* Driving under influence (DUI)

Non-moving violations, on the other hand, are minor traffic violations that mostly concern illegal parking. They may include parking in front an expired meter or in front of fire hydrant or other areas designated as a “no parking zone.”
The most serious of DMV Violations in Red Bluff, CA is driving under influence (DUI). It is considered a felony offense, which can result in a steep fine, imprisonment or both. However, for the minor offenses such as those cited under the non-moving violations, the violator is cited and issued a traffic ticket. They can either pay a monetary fine to the DMV or contest in a court of law if they feel that there was injustice when the ticket was given.

Note that traffic tickets are regarded as strict liability offenses in legal terms. That means that there is no need to prove that the violator’s intentions of committing said crime. A driver can commit strict liability offenses when they are driving the vehicle without proper exterior lighting, failure to give right of way to traffic or pedestrians and speeding among other offenses involved in traffic violations. Each of the traffic offenses is penalized depending on the gravity of the charges and the impact it could cause.

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