Evaluating the Root Cause of Bolt Failure and Possible Effects

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Engineering Consultant

When bolt failure leads to an injury, loss of life, or damage of assets, there is a need to find the root cause of the failure. Hiring a professional to analyze the cause of bolt failure can be helpful to a consumer in many ways. For instance, a consumer can determine the best quality bolt to purchase and avoid malfunctions or accidents in the future.

Bolt failure has many causes, including corrosion stress cracking, material embrittlement, hydrogen damage, shear overload, and fatigue failure. You can hire a team of professionals to perform several tests to determine the failure. Some include litigation support, initial inspection processes, and professional witness testimonies. Read on to learn more.

Bolt Failure Analysis

Engineers can perform several evaluation techniques like joint testing, non-destructive testing, chemical or mechanical testing, metallographic examination, corrosion deposit analysis, and scanning electron microscopy. These tools help reveal the cause of bolt failure or perform quality assurance evaluations to determine bolt efficiency.

Most bolt failure analyses reveal the causes to be a result of manufacturing flaws, inappropriate installation, or poor product selection. Bolt failure analysis involves testing to optimize parameter processes such as time, force, torque, and more.

Relying on an expert engineer to solve the issue once they identify the cause can be very cost-effective. Consumers can avoid further cases of accidents, loss of assets, or machine breakdowns.

Peak Innovations Engineering is an excellent company that provides bolt failure evaluation services. They have many years of experience and a large team of professionals to meet the bolt failure examination needs of bolt users.

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