Evaluating Your Disability Claim with the Help of a Social Security Attorney in Puyallup

People with a chronic illness or physical disability may be capable of holding a part time job and wonder if doing so will prevent them from obtaining Social Security disability benefits. This isn’t always true although the Social Security Administration is more likely to deny a claim for someone under the age of 55 who is working part time. No matter how old you are, you must make less than $1,000 a month, including income, payments received from rental properties as well as interest and dividends from stocks and savings accounts. If you feel you are eligible for disability payments, you may wish to contact a social security attorney in Puyallup to see if you would qualify.


When you meet with a Social Security attorney in Puyallup, the first thing he or she will look at is your abillity to work. Although you may be able to work, they’ll want to know if you can find a job that you are capable of doing with the disability by reviewing how many jobs of this type are in your area. Next, the attorney looks at your ability to do the work for eight hours a day, five days a week on a regular basis. He or she starts here as this is what the SSA looks at when evaluating the claim.

Your doctor also plays a role in the process as he or she determines what type of work you are able to do and for what length of time. He or she will need to provide documentation showing your limitations and the medical conditions leading to these limitations. Doctors are more likely to support this type of claim when they seen the patient is attempting to work or find work, but is unable to do so as a result of the limitations.

The best thing to do when you are considering applying for disability is to contact Todd R. Renda Attorney At Law. Mr. Renda will review the facts of the case with you and determine the strength of your case. In addition, he’ll suggest ways to strengthen your case, which may involve gathering more medical records or receiving documentation for an employer explaining how the disability limits your ability to work. The more you show the Social Security Administration, the easier it will be to prove you need the funds requested.

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