Everyday Retreats with Sunroom Furniture

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Your home is a reflection of you, and most people want those who enter to be greeted with a warm and welcoming vibe. A sunroom is no different. It should beckon and welcome those who enter it with a homelike embrace just like the rest of the rooms in your house.

A Wicker Paradise
Sunrooms are meant to be multi-functional. Relax with your family and friends or use it to unwind in after the hustle and bustle of a long day. A wicker chaise with thick, plump cushions is just what the doctor ordered for a Saturday afternoon of leisure. Adding additional decorative pillows will bring more color to the room – and rejuvenation to your spirit! Get lost in a good book, a cup of tea or the simplicity of peace and quiet while lounging on your sunroom furniture.

Mix and Match
Whether your sunroom is octagonal, square, large or small, you can create a space of welcoming décor. Who said sunroom furniture has to be purchased in just one style?  You can decorate your sunroom with contemporary, eclectic or modern furniture or you can choose something from all three. Comfortable wicker seating is a must when it comes to choosing your furniture. From wicker benches to sectionals, keep in mind that less is more. If you have a small sunroom, you may want to consider smaller furniture pieces. For larger sunrooms, you can divide the space by placing a small wicker dining set on one side of the room and a two-seater sofa with a rocker or chairs on the other side. Adding a wicker ceiling fan will give your sunroom a breezy feel, and bamboo shades are a nice alternative to curtains or traditional blinds. One or two wicker or rattan floor lamps and a cocktail table will complete the look of paradise.

Extend Your Investment
If your wicker sunroom furniture has seen better days, you can revitalize the pieces by giving them a fresh coat of paint. Spray painting your furniture will extend your investment and allow you the continued enjoyment of a bright and functional sunroom.

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