Exciting and Safe Procedures to Craft the Healthiest Body of Your Dreams

The array of gender reassignment male-to-female procedures continues to expand and evolve, offering more advanced options to help you manifest your healthiest, unique vision of redefined realness. When considering your options, it’s helpful to appraise what’s available and to evaluate the teams of specialists that provide services in alignment with your requirements and goals.

Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS)

GCS, or “bottom” surgery, is typically a final step in your transition journey that you may elect to take. Thanks to incredible leaps in technologies, results in genitalia that let you urinate comfortable and easily enjoy sexual encounters and orgasms. Adherence to WPATH guidelines for transgender care ensures mindful, respectful, compassionate and professional attention at all stages.

Breast Augmentation

Augmentation is the most commonly utilized way to feminize one’s overall appearance. Today’s material choices include saline or silicone for optimal resilience, softness and a natural feel. Placement over the chest wall is called sub-glandular placement, whereas placement under the chest wall is called sub-muscular placement.

Both placement types yield healthy and aesthetically pleasing results. Placement decisions depend on your one-in-a-million physiology and should entail one or more consultations with your surgeon.

Facial Feminization and Body Feminization Surgeries

Abbreviated FFS and BFS, these surgeries address aspects of your silhouette, revising or transforming your visible physical traits into traits that are more consistent with a womanly body. Each gender reassignment male-to-female is different, so each FFS and BFS entails a custom surgery strategy to transform and soften your traits.

The custom surgery strategy takes your desires into account as well. Your strategy might include reshaping, scalp advancement, lifts and implants. Shaving is also now quite common and highly effective at rounding and softening hard male angles. Trunk liposuction and the famed “Brazilian Butt Lift” can optimize your hip-to-waist ratio, imparting a classic hourglass figure or a shapelier silhouette consistent with a healthy, mature woman’s body.

Be encouraged and embrace your authenticity. Explore the new world of medical procedures and progressive technologies designed to engender the optimal gender reassignment male-to-female outcomes in Plano.