Experience a Whole New World in Dar es Salaam!

Rich in culture and history, Tanzania is an ideal vacation spot for those looking for a change from the tired old routine offered by cookie-cutter resorts. If you’re looking for a new experience, why not book a stay in the country’s largest city, Dar es Salaam? Guest houses in Dar es Salamm are easily found at an affordable price and offer visitors a taste of the country’s foods, art and traditional culture.

Experience the Culture

Dar es Salaam is home to several cultural groups including African Tanzanians, South Asians, British and German descendants and members of the Arabic community. Elements from all of these cultures intermingle to create a highly diverse, accepting environment. Evidence of this multicultural environment can be seen in the music, art and cuisine.

Sights to See

Among locals Tanzania’s largest multicultural hub, Dar es Salaam, is simply known as “Dar”. The city sits on the harbour front along the coast of the Indian Ocean. For most travellers a guest house in Dar es Salaam serves as a central port or a home away from home. The city is a natural choice to lay down roots while you spend your days visiting the historical landmarks like the Kaole ruins and experiencing the various cultures of the many citizens that call Dar es Salaam home.

Established in the mid-1860’s Dar is a relatively modern city with all of the modern features a tourist, business professional or corporate worker could want for. Step out of your guest house in Dar es Salaam and choose from a variety of entertainment options available to you. The botanical gardens, museums, natural parks, safaris, restaurants featuring well-reviewed African cuisine, and of course the beautiful beaches are just some of the activity options to choose from.

Looking for a Place to Stay?

Finding a place to stay in Dar can be quick and easy. A multitude of choices are available for accommodations ranging from hotels to bed and breakfast inns. From your guest house in Dar es Salaam wake up each morning and enjoy your breathtaking view of the water front. Countless reviews of guest houses made by experienced vacationers rave about the welcoming community, first class housing and the endless activities to satisfy even the most adventurous thrill seeker. In Dar es Salaam a quick weekend stay can easily turn into a two week getaway.

Are you still searching for the perfect place for your next vacation? Learn more about the beautiful city of Dar es Salaam and vacationing in Tanzania.