Facts About Using LED Light Therapy to Treat Your Skin in California

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People are always looking for ways in which to take care of their skin. One of the most modern as well as easiest is using the best-quality LED light therapy machine to help clear the skin of blemishes and other effective treatments.

Released Energy

When this type of therapy is used, the LED light penetrates the skin deep enough that it works at the cellular level. The light activates the energy level of the mitochondria. This, in turn, produces ATP which aids in regenerating the cells. After blood circulation is increased and new growth of elastin and collagen within the skin occurs, the skin has a much fresher and more youthful appearance.

Safe And Effective

One thing that some people are wary of is the safety of using LED light in a therapeutic manner. However, this type of medical treatment is 100% safe and has been cleared by the FDA for many types of skin conditions.

Types Of LED Light

There are two types of light that use an LED light therapy machine. These are blue lights and yellow lights. The blue variety is used for such conditions as acne and minor blemishes. The yellow type of LED light goes further into your skin to help smooth out uneven areas as well as softening lines that appear with age.

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