Features of Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems in Queens

by | Apr 3, 2013 | Business

When you entrust the cleanliness of your home to Electrolux central vacuum systems in Queens, you are trusting one of the biggest names in home appliances. There are several Electrolux models from which you can choose, allowing you to find the perfect option to meet your needs. Each of these models offers some features you won’t find when you choose many other central vacuum systems for your home.

Recycled Materials

If you are environmentally conscious, you can do your part to save the environment by choosing the Electrolux model that is made from 75 percent recycled materials. While this vacuum is bound to last you many years, you can feel better about your purchase from the start because it utilizes materials that have already been used once in its construction. Buying something made from recycled materials keeps those materials out of landfills and thus benefits the environment.

LCD Displays

With Electrolux central vacuum systems in Queens, you don’t need to worry about making sure you check your canister often to see if it needs to be emptied. Some of the Electrolux models come with an LCD display that will show you the status of the entire system, allowing you to easily see just when you need to empty the canister. You can also see if there is a clog somewhere or your unit needs to be serviced by a professional.

Self-Cleaning Filter

With many central vacuum systems, you need to make sure you keep the filter clean, in addition to emptying out the canister. However, when you choose certain Electrolux models, you can count on a self-cleaning filter that allows you to worry about one less thing when it comes to your vacuum system. While it is still important to check the filter on occasion to make sure it is in good condition, you won’t need to check it every time.

Electrolux has made many advances in the world of central vacuums. When you are looking at the various Electrolux central vacuum systems in Queens, knowing what the latest features are can help you choose the right system for your home. From the vacuum canisters that are made from recycled materials for the environmentally conscious to the high-tech LCD displays and self-cleaning filters, you will be amazed at everything one of these central vacuum systems can provide to you, making cleaning your house almost fun to do.

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