Fighting Legal Loopholes Through A Worker’s Compensation Attorney In Henderson, Nevada

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All business owners who employ workers, whether salaried workers or volunteers are required by Nevada state law purchase and maintain worker’s compensation insurance. This policy covers liabilities associated with employee-based injuries. It pays benefits based on the type of injuries sustained, and the length of time required for recovery. These benefits cover medical expenses and a percentage of the employee’s wages. Any employees who were injured and need assistance with claim submission should contact a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Henderson Nevada.

Loopholes to Avoid in Worker’s Compensation Claims

At any time, an employee is injured; he or she is limited to seven days to notify their employer via a written statement. This statement is generally submitted to the human resources office by the employee’s direct supervisor. If the injury requires medical treatment, he or she is required to file a claim for compensation within a ninety-day limit. However, after a doctor treats the injuries, the doctor has a three-day limit to submit the form to the insurance carrier.

If the employer has an existing contract with a doctor or network of doctors for worker’s compensation purposes, the employee is required to select a doctor from this network. He or she cannot acquire services from their primary physician, unless they are within the network.

Levels of Disability Covered by Worker’s Compensation

Any injury that deems the employee unable to return to work for five days is considered a temporary total disability. When the employee’s injuries are identified a partial temporary disability, he or she may be eligible to receive benefits, if they exceed the wages, the employee would receive while working. A permanent-partial disability implies that the employee is subject to a re-revaluation after thirty days.

A permanent disability deems the employee eligible for sixty-six percent of their wages over the amount of time in which he or she will be unable to work. If the disability prevents him or her from ever working again, a settlement is required. If you have suffered a permanent injury while working you can acquire a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Henderson Nevada by contacting the Brian D Nettles Law Offices. Follow us on Twitter!

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