Figuring Out the Best Day and Time to Book Airline Tickets

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No matter who you are, you want to save money on your flight when you travel for any reason. It is in everyone’s nature to save money, and it can be very difficult to give up the money required to ride in an airplane. However, there are a few tips that you can use to save money when you book airline tickets.


It is important to understand airlines just a little bit. It is important to be flexible and book early so that you get the flight you want. However, if you book a flight too early, you may pay a higher price for your ticket. If you book too late, you risk not getting a ticket at all. There are many different answers out there for when to book your ticket—some are as high as eight weeks in advance, while some are as few as one week in advance. It can be hard to decide who to listen to.

There is no magical answer to the question of how soon before your flight should you book. Many travelers book way too early and this is a big mistake. The only time you should book very early is when you are planning travel time during high-traffic days, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. If you aren’t going to travel on holiday or during spring break, then you don’t need to book incredibly early. For domestic flights, it is best to book 45 days out, while international travel should be booked 60 days out. You have the opportunity for a low fare and don’t risk not getting tickets.


It is crucial to be flexible with flight times and dates. In some cases, this isn’t possible and you could be stuck with a higher rate. There is no quick fix for those times. However, whenever you are considering a vacation, being flexible can really help. You may have to get up extremely early to make your flight, but you could save a lot. It is always best to fly midweek; you will have fewer crowds and cheaper flights.

Time of Day to Book

There really isn’t a “magical” time to book your flight. However, you should consider checking about 45 days out on a Wednesday morning around one in the morning. The catch is to book at one a.m. in the particular time zone of the airline. Learning the best time to book airline tickets online is one way to save you some money. Check out Jet Konnect for domestic and international flights.