Filing A Claim With A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Centralia, WA

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A Workers Compensation Lawyer Centralia WA from Putnam Lieb Attorneys at Law can work with you to file a claim against your employer. In a worker’s compensation claim, you need to present a considerable amount of evidence related to your injuries. You may additionally enter tricky territory at the beginning of this claim. You will need an attorney that is familiar with worker’s compensation and wrongful termination to guide you through this process.

How Worker’s Compensation Works

The process for filing a claim for worker’s compensation begins within the Human Resources department. At any time, an employee is injured on the job; the HR staff is supposed to complete worker’s compensation paperwork and send the employee to the emergency room or a medical treatment facility immediately.

The doctors examine the employee and determine the severity of his or her injuries. These injuries are documented, and the diagnosis is sent to the HR department via fax or email. This staff is supposed to file an insurance claim with their worker’s compensation insurance provider. The insurance provider may launch their own investigation into how the accident occurred. Unfortunately, these providers do not always approve every worker’s compensation claim.

What Can You Do?

You can bring your claim to a Workers Compensation Lawyer Centralia WA. He or she will review the documentation that is associated with your initial claim. Your selected attorney may send you to your own doctor for a second opinion. This is to ensure that the doctor utilized by your employer diagnosed your injuries correctly. Your attorney will gather your medical records from your doctor to use as evidence. If your doctor can prove fault or a point of origin for your injuries, you will have a viable claim.

What If You Become Permanently Disabled?

Centralia WA Workers Compensation Lawyers may also handle disability claims. If your on-the-job injuries resulted in a permanent disability, he or she will file a lawsuit for you to fight for compensation. You may additionally qualify for disability benefits through your employer based on the insurance policies you possess. Your worker’s compensation attorney will discuss these options with you during your initial consultation.