Find Out the Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Acura MDX

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If you’re searching for a luxury midsize crossover, an Acura MDX is a great option. It’s competitively priced, and it comes with a long list of standard features. If you want to make your dollar go even further, consider a used Acura near Highland Park. Below are a few reasons to consider a pre-owned Acura MDX.

Better Fuel Economy

The MDX is built for families. Whether you’re a commuter or you’re planning a road trip, a family vehicle will rack up a lot of miles. Those miles quickly get expensive, but the MDX’s fuel economy will help to lighten the load.

A Quiet Cabin

Road noise is no fun, especially on long trips. It makes it hard to talk to your passengers, and it compromises your music listening experience. When the MDX was redesigned, Acura took some steps to reduce cabin noise. The thicker glass was used in the front windows and the windshield, and sound-deadening materials were added in the cargo area and rear wheelhouse.

More Storage Space

Center consoles give drivers and passengers plenty of places to put their belongings. Though some midsize crossovers don’t have this feature, storage is plentiful in the MDX. The third generation of this vehicle has much more console storage than previous models. With more than double the storage volume, there’s plenty of room for your purse and mobile devices in this automobile.

An Upgraded Exterior

With its redesign, the MDX has a conventionally attractive look. Appearance is an important consideration when buying a vehicle, and the third generation of the Acura MDX is built to please.

When you’re searching for a used Acura near Highland Park, consider the MDX. The Acura MDX is a fine choice for those seeking a value-packed luxury crossover. If the features and benefits above sound good to you, we invite you to come and take a test drive. View our inventory online or call McGrath Acura of Libertyville to learn more.