Find Reliable AC Service In Branford, CT

When it comes to keeping your family cool during the summer, having a reliable air conditioner in your Branford area home is important. Without a properly working air conditioning unit, you may be putting your family’s health at risk. Not having a reliable means of cooling them off during the summer, means they could experience serious health issues due to prolonged exposure to the summer heat. This is why it’s extremely important for a homeowner to take the time to ensure their air conditioning unit is taken care of and well maintained with reliable ac service in Brandford CT.

Keeping your unit well maintained with the help of a reputable heating and cooling company like R & B Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heating, can help extend your unit’s lifespan and provide a higher electrical efficiency in your home to help cut down on electricity costs. When an air conditioning unit starts to have problems, it can often lead to the electric bill increasing over time without you realizing it. Most of the time, this is due to the unit over working itself as it tries to compensate for whatever problem it’s experiencing. This can be anything from a clog slowing the fan down and pushing the motor to spin it harder, to the condenser having electrical issues and shorting each time it kicks on to cool the air down.

Most of the time, a problem with an air conditioning unit will be easy to fix for a professional ac service in Brandford CT. Problems that involve clogs in the fan area or ventilation are usually easy to physically remove with cleaning service. For tougher clogs that can’t be removed easily, high pressure sprays can help dislodge stubborn clogs while cleaning out ventilation and fan areas for a unit. Clogs can cause serious problems for more than just the fan, since they can also hinder air flow through the vents of your home. This can lead to you thinking the air conditioner isn’t working well enough, and causing you to lower the temperature or turn the speed up higher. Getting rid of clogs can help prevent this from happening, and often helps keep the electrical bill from becoming too expensive as well.

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