Finding a Sedation Dentist in Lincoln Park

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According to statistics provided by the American Dental Association, over 50% of people say they do not go to the dentist due to fear of pain or anxiety. Fear of the dentist is spreading, among both children, and adults. But, sedation dentistry has been revolutionized and it is now possible to experience pain-free dental work, while being completely relaxed. Sedation dentistry is method that calms the central nervous system by means of a sedative, which results in a much better tolerance to pain. If you are suffering from the above issues, contact your local sedation dentist in Lincoln Park today.

Deep conscious sedation

Deep sedation is used for complex dental treatments, such as implantology. Here, you are in a state of deep relaxation, and will have virtually no memory of the treatment. This technique is used for extremely anxious people, or those who have to undergo several treatments at the same time. This is more or less high sedation dentistry, and dentists are very particular about using it for each case.

Regular conscious sedation

Dentists speak of regular conscious sedation when, practicing routine dental care. Your dental provider will administer a sedative, which allows you to be in a state of relaxation, while also remaining conscious. This allows you to easily answer about your dental care, without feeling any pain. The effects of the sedative wear off immediately after the treatment, which also allow you to have a vague memory of the treatment itself.

Candidates for sedation

  • Patients experiencing from dental anxiety are ideal candidates for sedation. But, those who have experienced a traumatic dental experience, or those who have very sensitive teeth are also perfect candidates, as well. Consult your sedation dentist in Lincoln Park about your situation.
  • Individuals who have a busy schedule may be perfect candidates for sedation. Thanks to sedation dentistry, you can group several dental issues during the same appointment and sleep throughout treatment. Sedation dentists can perform dental treatments in one or two visits that others usually take several months to perform.
  • People that have issues with nausea while having dental procedures are also very good candidates for sedation.

There are plenty of other reasons to have sedation dentistry performed. This article highlights just a few of them.