Finding Good Accommodation in London

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London is filled with stores, theatres, places of public interest and of course, hotels. When you need to take a trip to London for business, or you are having your vacation in London you will probably require a hotel for the duration of your stay. Hotel accommodation in London can vary according to price, area and style of hotel. London has accommodation to appeal to all pockets, all budgets and all styles of traveler.

For instance, if you are backpacking around Europe and you want to stay in a youth hostel you can find one very easily in the price range of nineteen to thirty pounds per night, and adult hostels range around the same price. There are many hostels scattered around the north and south of London. The area you stay in can also affect the price of the hostel. North London, for instance, may be cheaper than south, or vice versa. After that you are then into the two star bracket of hotel, where prices will range from thirty pounds per night to around fifty pounds per night. The three star bracket is around fifty pounds per night to sixty-five pounds per night and then of course, you are into the four and five star, where money simply has to be no object.

Stars and Costs

Most people stay in two or three star hotels simply to have excellent accommodation at reasonable prices. They understand that in reality, they will likely only be sleeping in the hotel, rather than living in it, and they wish to spend their money on enjoying the vacation instead of spending it on their hotel. This leaves more cash in their pocket to visit the many attractions in and around the city.

In the summer – regardless of the fact that the English weather is notoriously unreliable – you will definitely have a great time visiting London. If you wish to get out of the city for a day or two you could head to Kent or Sussex and visit the seaside. Brighton is only an hour or so from central London and you would be guaranteed a great day at the beach, especially if the sun is shining. You can also head north and visit York, Nottingham, and as far as Scotland for a couple of days, saving more money because your hotel would be far cheaper up north than in London. If you are looking for accommodation in London the best place to start is by making a list of your requirements, then looking for hotels that offer what you need. Call a few or check their websites and find out what the rooms look like before you decide on a final choice.